Research + Development + Innovation

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Since its creation, CénitS has participated in more than 160 R+D+i projects framed in three main areas: Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Computer and Communications Sciences, receiving several national and international awards. Thus, in recent years has supported very heterogeneous research lines, which provide solutions in areas as diverse as:

  • Precision agriculture and stockbreeding.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Environmental impact. 
  • Climate prediction.
  • Genetic sequencing and biomedicine.
  • Virtualization of workstations.
  • Computational chemistry. 
  • Observatory of the ICT sector in Extremadura.
  • Monitoring and telemetry for intelligent infrastructures.
  • Predictibility of traffic flows in smart cities.
  • Electromagnetic simulations.
  • Image processing.
  • 3D animation.

Research results

Obtaining research results is essential for a center such as CénitS, which allows an outstanding number of researchers and innovators to undertake their activities. Many of these projects achieve remarkable visibility with publications of different scope, in the necessary technology transfer, one of the priorities of the COMPUTAEX Foundation.