Mecanismos de Monitorización y Análisis de Tráfico en Redes de Próxima Generación

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Currently, communication networks are formed by a heterogeneous set of technologies and protocols in constant evolution, characterized by a great complexity. The current network protocols provide a great performance and reliability, increase the connectivity and the security but each protocol solves a specific problem without a global abstraction.

To solve this problem and to simplify the network management, a new trend called Software Defined Networking (SDN) has emerged. It’s a new network architecture based on the separation between the data plane functions and control plane functions of the network infrastructure, making the management, evolution and operation simplified by adding centralized software approaches.

Due to the expected evolution of networks towards the SDN architecture and the importance of monitoring systems in the management and maintenance of networks, it is necessary to review the classic mechanisms for monitoring network traffic and end devices computing to adapt them to this new scenario.

This project analyzes the new monitoring mechanisms that are currently being proposed for this type of networks, as well as the development of an application for granular monitoring of network data flows and graphical representation of metrics integrated within of the SDN paradigm.

With the development of this prototype, computing and network traffic will be analyzed by means of the data acquired in the network and the performance of the set of data metrics will be represented in real time graphs, which will be the entry requirements to subsequently establish quality of service (QoS) and security policies in the next generation networks.

Fuente de la publicación: 
  • Daniel González Sánchez, Javier Carmona Murillo y David Cortés Polo. Mecanismos de Monitorización y Análisis de Tráfico en Redes de Próxima Generación. Trabajo de Fin de Grado en Ingeniería en Telemática de la Universidad de Extremadura. Septiembre de 2018.
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